Mombies Bags for Survival Moms

MombiesStore54Since women are usually in the home more often than men, its vital that they are prepared, level-headed and calm in an emergency.   I know that sometimes I have relied on my husband to know where everything is and how to know how to handle an emergency.  There is a line of survival kits that has been assembled just for women and mothers.  It is the Mombies bag put together by Dory Harrington.  She has done an amazing job of putting together several different kits that would cover almost any emergency situation.  Please check them out at

I love the term “survival mom.”  I think motherhood takes a lot of surviving in general!  But, we mothers and grandmothers, also need to be prepared to protect our families in times of emergency.  Almost everyday we read of some kind of emergency somewhere.  Whether its a storm, floods, snow, earthquake, or fire a “survival’ mom’s preparation that is already in place is paramount.   We are often right on the front lines.   As a well-known states, “When the time of performance is at hand, the time of preparation is over.”

Sometimes when we think of preparedness and survival, we think we have the luxury of time. Time to read books, forums, and articles. Time to research the “best” survival knife, the “best” freeze dried food, and so on.   Sometimes we take too much time making those decisions.  Planning without action is just as dangerous as no action.  When the crisis is happening right now, those plans must be not only formulated, but carried out.   When an emergency happens everything that you have done to prepare up to that point is all that’s going to get done, at least for that particular scenario.  If floodwaters are seeping into your home and all escape routes are closed, you are left with whatever measures you’ve put into place, such as: emergency foods, communication alternatives (ham radio, shortwave/emergency radio), stored water and water purification supplies, first aid kits, etc.  When that “snowstorm of a century” hits and you are snowed in for several days, the food you’ve stored in what you’re going to eat.

A “survival” mom should wear that title with pride.  She will have every plan, tool and supply already in place.  Whether it’s a wall of water headed your way, an earthquake, an out-of-control wildfire, or a snowstorm, having the following items taken care of will be of tremendous help.

  • Supplies/tools should be packed in easily identifiable containers and stored in convenient locations.
  • Every strategy and plan should be rehearsed so your reaction is swift and automatic. This is absolutely vital when preparing for a sudden emergency.
  • Simplicity reigns supreme. If any prep becomes too complicated, set it aside. It might come in handy for a different scenario, but if you’re planning for the SUDDEN crisis, go for the simplest route, the simplest plan, the easiest foods to carry and prepare, and so on.
  • DO carry small items on your person at all times for scenarios in which you cannot even grab the emergency bag stashed by the back door. This Everyday Carry (EDC) kit should include a small light source (tiny LED keychain flashlight is great), a small multi-tool and/or Swiss army knife, tightly folded bandana (try sealing it in a Food Saver bag and then trimming the edges), a sturdy whistle, and a flint and steel fire striker.

Your goal is to have a procedure in place that is as brainless as possible. You do not want to be making last-minute decisions about which firearm to pack or which relatives you’ll be staying with. In fact, the time spent in making decisions could endanger your family.

Simple, pre-planned and prepared. Those are the keys to preparing for that sudden emergency you didn’t see coming.


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